Most of us have nothing to hide, but we all have something to lose. Organisations, families and individuals choose Kolab Now for a variety of scenarios.

 Be a Customer & Citizen

Online surveillance by "free" services has become so pervasive that US security expert Bruce Schneier has come to call it "the business model of the internet". Former US Vice President Al Gore called it the "stalker economy". In addition to this private surveillance activity for commercial interest there is state driven surveillance. The United States of America have been among the leading nations in both fields, also giving their secret services an explicit mandate to gather information for political and economic espionage and manipulation. Such foreign surveillance enjoys far reaching bi-partisan support. In November 2014 the congress also made clear that domestic surveillance enjoys support from a political majority in the United States.

Kolab Now has chosen to follow the opposite path. Our terms of service have been written by Simon Schlauri, a former Senior Legal Counsel of one of the three major mobile phone providers in Switzerland, with years of practical expertise in defending the privacy of users. The independent and highly acclaimed Terms of Service; Didn't Read reviewed our terms of service, and gave them the best possible rating. Switzerland with its age old tradition of personal liberty, discretion and security has the strictest laws for protecting personal information rooted both in civil as well as criminal law. Swiss surveillance laws are often quoted as exemplary for other nations, and follow the best principles that civil rights organisations demand to also follow in other parts of the world.

Safeguard against Industrial Espionage

The Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure; VDI) estimated in 2014 that industrial espionage is responsible for approximately 100 billion EUR in damages per year for German industry alone. With growing international competition, and increasingly knowledge and information driven economies, these numbers are only likely to grow. Whether you are a business in international competition yourself, or work with partners or customers who are: Investing in protection of the trade secrets of your business, partners or customers may just turn out to be the smartest money you ever spent.

Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a pervasive issue, and its consequences include direct financial damages, loss of insurance coverage,  inability to obtain a loan, as well as reputation damage. Our identity is becoming one of our most valuable digital assets. Choosing a service that protects your data and identity through its terms of service, technology and legal framework is an essential part of a well designed risk mitigation.

Protecting Legal Privilege

There are many professions that deal with information that is legally privileged, such as lawyers, journalists or medical professionals. In most jurisdictions, that legal privilege goes hand in hand with taking adequate measures to protect such privileged information. Kolab Now is proud to help newspapers, journalists, law firms, lawyers, private hospitals and doctors with protection for such information.