Make it Your Kolab: Kolab Systems launching public beta

Seeking Cloud Convenience, but think you should own your data?

Today Kolab Systems gives the answer by launching a public beta of Hosted Kolab: The way to preserve your data, your freedom and your convenience. Make use of the web client for email, calendar, address books and tasks, hook up your mobile device, or use Kolab from your desktop - no matter which operating system you are running.

The offer is focused on early adopters and tech enthusiasts who want to discover Kolab for themselves. It allows ongoing usage for as long as the users choose to opt for the convenience of a managed solution. They still always have the option to move to other providers or self-hosted servers whenever they like.

Kolab is 100% Open Source Technology and makes 100% use of Open Standards, but so far the advantages were only available to professionals and businesses. Now everyone can make use of the service. But of course the ability to run your own server, have someone else run it for you, or switch between options remains.

"Many people came to me and wanted to use Kolab, but did not want to set up and maintain a server of their own." says Kolab Evangelist Torsten Grote. "I am very happy that we can now offer a managed solution that allows all those people to feel the Kolab experience as well."

The public beta will last for a limited period of time and the service will grow as demand dictates. More information and sign-up:

Hosted providers who also seek to provide similar services to their customers are invited to get in touch with Kolab Systems, which will be delighted to help them set up and maintain their own offerings.

About Kolab Systems

Kolab Systems AG is an Open Source Independent Software Vendor (ISV) developing, maintaining, supporting and providing a wide range of services around the Kolab Groupware Solution. Fully committed to Open Source / Free Software and Open Standards, it is the global competency leader and custodian for a process open to community participation. The results of that process reach our customers as a quality assured solution that brings all the benefits of true Open Source. Part of a company group that excels in security and cross platform solutions, Kolab Systems is prepared to provide you with the level of mission critical data integrity you deserve.

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